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Fashion vs. Firearms - How to Win the Battle!

by Lisa Looper


When it comes to concealed carry, we often feel like we have to make a choice between stylish clothing and on-body carry. While it’s true that the two don’t always go hand in hand, we pulled five popular spring 2019 outfits straight from Pinterest to show you exactly how you can still embrace your inner fashionista while carrying a gun. Read on for all the fabulous inside scoop!


Outfit #1 - The Flowy Kimono 

A holster with more than one attachment point makes all the difference when carrying a larger (read heavier) gun! While the sheer fabric of the kimono wouldn’t conceal a firearm well on its own, putting it over a fitted tank top adds a beautiful layer of distraction to break up the outline of the firearm.


Concealed Carry Details Holster: The Ava by Flashbang Holsters  Firearm: Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm


Outfit #2 - The Boyfriend Sweater

Skinny jeans pair beautifully with an oversized, chunky sweater. Because the sweater has so much texture of it’s own, the concealment possibilities are endless! Wearing your firearm tucked in the sweet spot (between the curve of the tummy and the hip bone) makes it even more concealable because of the drape of the top as it falls from the bust line. Super bonus that the Ulticlip attaches behind the belt, providing an even more discreet carry option!


  Concealed Carry Details Holster: Betty 2.0 by Flashbang Holsters  Firearm: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380


Outfit #3 - The Silky Tank

This outfit was a bit more tricky because the lightweight and solid color fabric make concealing ANYTHING more difficult. To compensate, we moved the gun up to sit just under the bra band. This type of holster placement has a couple of advantages. The contour of the bust line provides a little room and draping effect for the fabric, and it keeps the bulkiness of the firearm off my waist! Double Bonus!!


Concealed Carry Details Holster: The Teddy by Flashbang Holsters  Firearm: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380


Outfit #4 - The Structured Blazer

A perfectly fitted blazer is one of the most amazing things anyone can add to their wardrobe! It takes a simple tank top and jeans up about a thousand notches! Not only that, but it makes concealment a breeze. We’ve added a fantastic textured scarf to complete the look, and to create a stunning visual distraction! Because of the multiple concealment layers in this stunning outfit, we’ve actually been able to carry TWO guns imperceptibly!

  Betty 2.0 concealed carry holster  Double concealed carry Flashbang and Betty 2.0

Concealed Carry Details Holster: Betty 2.0 by Flashbang Holsters (red) and Original Flashbang by Flashbang Holsters (white)  Firearm: Glock 43 9mm (in red holster) and Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm (in white holster)


Outfit #5 - The Lacy Blouse

This was definitely the most difficult outfit to carry in.  Sheer lace and no belt??  Girl....we got you!  We went with a lighter weight gun since these super-stretchy jeans didn't have a lot of natural support.  The Ulticlip does it's amazing job again here and latches securely onto the waistband.  The real trick to making this top work is a nude color spandex tank that goes under the lace blouse.  It covers the grip of the gun and does double duty by pulling the grip firmly in against the body.  Because of the way the Ulticlip attaches to the holster, we're even able to tuck everything in and really add polish to the look as well.

concealed carry outfit  concealed carry outfit white lacy blouse  concealed carry outfit fashion

Concealed Carry Details Holster: Betty 2.0 by Flashbang Holsters  Firearm: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380



With every single one of these outfits, we’ve made sure to match the support of the foundation (whether a bra or waistband or belt) to the weight of the gun. If the foundation doesn’t support the weight of the gun properly, it will sag down and move throughout the day - not only will it drive you completely batty, but the constant adjusting will draw unwanted attention. A few minor adjustments are totally understandable, but the basic idea of “set it and forget it” applies perfectly here.  


The second part of the formula is the distraction. This is the fun part! Printed clothing or fabric that drapes and flows make a world of difference when it comes to where the eye is drawn.  We've used some beautiful accessories in these outfits in the form of layers whether its a blazer, a kimono, or even a scarf!  When it comes to fashion, it's your choice to direct the viewer's eye, and girl, you can wield that power like a weapon!  

We'd love to hear about your favorite fashionable concealed carry hacks!  Comment, tag us on social media, send us an email...or even just share this post with others who might be struggling if you found some useful info here.  

Lisa Looper
Lisa Looper

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