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How Do I Carry a Gun in Leggings?

Is it possible to carry a gun while wearing leggings?  The answer is a big fat YES as long as you know the right way to do it.

5 Simple Concealed Carry Hacks for Women

No matter what or how you carry, there are some simple hacks that can make it a much more pleasant experience!  These minor adjustments will help you become a Concealed Carry Guru in no time flat.

Fashion vs. Firearms - How to Win the Battle!

We pulled five popular spring 2019 outfits straight from Pinterest to show you exactly how you can still embrace your inner fashionista while carrying a gun. Read on for all the fabulous inside scoop!

Will the Flashbang work with a Sports Bra?

Tutorial on how to concealed carry with the Flashbang while wearing a sports bra

Is Your Safety On?

Do you use the safety on your gun properly?  Lets chat....

High Carry - Low Carry - Custom Carry

How to position the strap on the Flashbang or Flashbang Teddy

The Definitive Guide to Positioning the Flashbang

How to properly position your Flashbang or Flashbang Teddy so that its super comfortable and stays in place!

Will the Flashbang Holster Work for Me?

A quick hack to see how the Flashbang Holster will work with specific guns/clothing/body types.

Boob Size part 2

Life on the flipside!  How well does the Flashbang work for gals with curvier curves??

Boob Size part 1

Boob size.  Yes, we're going there!  Full disclosure...I stuff my bra ;-)

How to Concealed Carry While Jogging

How to carry your gun in exercise clothing and while jogging!

Resources for Women Shooters

Note to self:  We all have to start somewhere, and a work in progress can still be a masterpiece!  

Here are some basic tidbits of information that will make you a savvy gun owner!

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