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5 Simple Concealed Carry Hacks for Women

by Lisa Looper


No matter what or how you carry, there are some simple hacks that can make it a much more pleasant experience!  These minor adjustments will help you become a Concealed Carry Guru in no time flat.


#1 Bigger Isn't Always Better

Choosing the right firearm can be a challenge for anyone!  There's almost always a discrepancy between what feels comfortable to shoot and what works well for concealment.  Women have an extra difficult time with this because we're not all long, straight lines!  Petite curvy women and large angular chunks of metal don't exactly meld into one another, y'all!  The good news is there are a ton of smaller firearms to choose from, and if you get the chance to try them out, you'll be able to find one that works well for concealment and for shooting.  It may not be the most fun you've ever had at the range, but there will definitely be a Wedding Dress Moment when you know you've found THE ONE.  It will fit your hands well, and the recoil will feel manageable.  You'll feel comfortable with it and be accurate and consistent.  Maybe not fun....but very functional.

favorite guns

My favorite gun to shoot (Glock 17 Gen 1) compared to my favorite gun to carry (S&W Bodyguard .380 w/ integrated laser)


#2 "Fitted" and "Solid" Are What You Need

Typically women are looking for the "soft and comfortable" in our attire.  There's a reason that leggings are so popular! *grin*  But when it comes to your concealed carry gear, you need to take a different approach.  The best thing I can use for a comparison is a watch with a really oversized face.  If you wear it loose or on some kind of soft, stretchy're gonna knock yourself out with it!!  The same thing holds true for your concealed carry foundation.  Whether it's a belt or a bra or just the waistband of your clothing, it needs to be supportive enough to hold the weight of the gun in place.  The more it moves, the more uncomfortable (and potentially unsafe) it will be.  Back to the watch comparison...when you first get a watch, you really notice it!  It might even be a bit distracting or uncomfortable.  But when you wear it nicely FITTED with a SOLID band, you eventually don't even notice it anymore.  *BINGO*

loose fitting watch

Carrying your firearm in a holster that fits like this watch is a recipe for disaster and frustration.


#3 Curves Are Your Friend 

So earlier when I told you that petite curvy women and large angular chunks of metal don't mix well, I don't mean that we should all be wishing for a physique like a marble column!  The truth of it is that curves can actually work in our favor to create amazing concealment options.  We just have to learn to work WITH them rather than trying to carry in the exact same manner as our male (column-shaped) counterparts.  Think about the contours of your body.  Any areas that dip in are ideal places to hide a firearm.

 sweet spot for concealed carry

My very favorite place to carry a gun is in the sweet spot.  This area extends from just below the bust line down to the hip crease on the front surface of the body.  It keeps your firearm hidden, but it also makes it very easy to access and protect.  Because of the way your shirt falls from the largest part of the bust, anything you carry here will be a little less noticeable than in other areas of your body. 


gun on hipcarrying in the sweet spot

Carrying on the hip is tough because it wrecks the symmetry of a curvy shape, but carrying in the Sweet Spot makes it much easier to conceal 

#4 Stop Touching It!

You only draw attention to your gun when you're constantly adjusting it or touching it to be sure it's still in place.  So, the first thing you need to do is carry in a way that doesn't make you feel like it might be out of place!  (refer to #2 above)  The next part of this rule is to carry enough in private (like around your home) that you become confident about your carry method.  Once you get those things accomplished, it's simply a matter of habit.  Just remember that other people's attention naturally goes where your attention goes.  If you doubt this, just look over a person's shoulder multiple times when you're in a conversation with them.  After a few of your own glances, the person will ALMOST ALWAYS look over their own shoulder to see what the heck you're looking at! LOL  


#5 People Are Generally Oblivious

Some people are specifically trained to pay attention to others.  Whether it's a police officer (they have to pay attention for their own safety!), or an individual, there will be people who can tell you're carrying a gun.  Generally though, these people are of the friendly variety  (have you ever noticed that once you decide you want to purchase a Ford Explorer, you see them everywhere???  Gun peeps notice other gun peeps).  In polite society we're trained to specifically NOT notice odd things about other people's bodies.  We overlook them on purpose and it becomes second nature.  In the random situation where someone has the audacity to ask you about a misplaced lump or bump, just act very offended and walk away! HA!

 did you notice my gun?

 So....DID you notice??  And for bonus points, did you notice it in the main pic at the top of this article???  If you did, you're certainly in the minority and you get a gold star for being so observant!  If you're new to concealed carry, the best advice I can give you is to take a deep breath, relax a bit, and learn everything you can.  We post a lot about concealed carry for women here on our blog!  One of my favorite recent articles was all about concealed carry in some of the most popular spring outfits on Pinterest.  I think you'll love it too!  We'd love to hear your favorite concealed carry hacks.  Let's pool our resources and be a strong and helpful Tribe of Women!

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Lisa Looper
Lisa Looper

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