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The Wedding Dress Moment

by Lisa Looper

If you've ever shopped for a wedding dress, you'll be familiar with the following've tried on a jillion dresses.  Every single one of them was beautiful!  Lace, and satin, and bows and sparkles...all the bells and whistles.  They all made you look like a princess!  And you wondered if each of them was THE dress.  But you were never quite satisfied, so you kept on trying on dresses.  

The sales lady was getting antsy.  

The bridesmaids and your future mother-in-law (gulp) were getting hungry.

They were starting to make little comments about how the dresses were beginning to run together.  "That looks just like the dress before last!"

And found THE DRESS!!!!  When you tried it on, you could hear the angels singing, and the light shined down from above and you just KNEW!!!

women's guide for choosing a firearm

Well, ladies, this same things happens with guns!  No, I'm not kidding!  You browse the gun counter, and you pick several to hold in your hand.  And you feel the trigger pull.  And then you narrow it down to a few that you'd really like to try shooting.  You rent them (Or borrow!  Hello bridesmaids!). And you get out on the range to put them through their paces.  And there will be that moment when the angels sing louder than the gunfire and the light from Heaven outshines the muzzle blast, and you'll know you're holding THE GUN!

Don't give up on your gun search until you have that Wedding Dress Moment!

And the super-great thing about get to have more than one! ;-)

Lisa Looper
Lisa Looper

3 Responses

Flashbang Holsters
Flashbang Holsters

May 02, 2017

Thank you Marjorie and Gayle!

Gayle Ballinger
Gayle Ballinger

April 27, 2017

Gorgeous dress! And great article!


February 21, 2017

Yep. Totally my experience with the Pavona Witness. Pretty sparkly purpleness combined with the most accurate weapon of the 5 I own. Hoping someday Flashbang will make something to hold it.

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