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Flashbang Holster

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Kydex Color
Alpine Snow
Flashbang Red
Leaf Green
Lemon Yellow
Neon Pink
Police Blue
Royal Purple
Citrus Orange
Neon Yellow
Gunmetal Grey
Tiffany Blue
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Please choose the color of the strap set you would like with your holster. The Flashbang comes with a Short/Medium/Long strap set that will accommodate bra bands up to 4" wide. Additional straps may also be purchased with your holster for fun color options or to accommodate 5" wide bra bands (XL strap)
If you would like extra straps with you holster, you can add them here! Sets include a short, medium, and long strap. Extra Long straps are ordered separately and are HIGHLY recommended for use with sports bras!

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Every situation is different.  Women are all built differently, we carry a huge variety of guns, we dress differently for different occasions, and we engage in a billion different activities!  It's difficult to line out a "yes" or "no" answer to every individual situation.  BUT....we have come up with a quick and easy way to answer the question "Will the Flashbang work for me?" with the steps outlined in the following video.

Are you struggling with finding a way to carry a firearm without changing the way you dress? 

We need something supportive to attach a gun to….hello bra band!

 We need somewhere to tuck a firearm that isn’t so obvious…let’s work WITH our curves, shall we? ;-)

 The Flashbang snaps down around your firearm and works with the bras you already own to secure your gun safely and comfortably.

Looking for an even MORE comfortable Flashbang?  Check out our new Flashbang Teddy Edition!


The struggle is REAL!  You know it…you’ve lived it!

You spend your free moments (limited though they are!) cruising Pinterest for the perfect outfit.  You finally get it all put together and check the mirror to make sure you look as hot as you feel, and then you realize - there’s no way you can carry your gun with this look!  There’s no waistband to support the gun, or the fabric is too clingy to hide it.  It’s TOUGH to be stylish and prepared at the same time!

 And that, ladies, is where the Flashbang comes in.


 Using it is simple!  You just pop your gun into the clamshell (basically an upside down taco shell) and tuck it up under the front of your bra band.  The bra band does all the work -just like normal- and holds the gun in position.  The holster does it’s part by covering the trigger to keep it from accidentally being pulled, and by keeping the moisture and oils from your body off the gun as well as keeping the pokey parts of the gun off your skin.  As you draw your firearm, the strap on the holster keeps it from coming along with your gun.  

You have a blissful combination of comfort, safety, concealment, and accessibility all in one!!

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Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster ReviewFlashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster Review
I recommend this product


Literally love this holster. I’m a very small female and I can comfortably conceal my gun even in the tightest of shirts. Great quality, feminine print. Great communication throughout the manufacturing/shipping process as well.

Serena V.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster Review
I recommend this product

Polka Dot Flashbang

Love it! I was concerned about the draw, but have mastered it! Awesome product.

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster ReviewFlashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster Review
I recommend this product

Love this Holster

absolutely love this item. Makes it very easy for me to conceal my XDs 9mm, granted I am a 36DD but wearing a medium size shirt only the grip can be seen if I move a certain way.

Colleen C.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster Review
I recommend this product


I still have to figure out what way is most comfortable for me but it is so pretty and very well made. I will definitely be buying again.

Lauren N.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster Review
I recommend this product

Cute & Functional

As usual, the quality is exceptional. Fits my P365 like a glove.

Donevon M.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster Review
I recommend this product

Can’t Beat the Conceal-ability!

Yes, I made that word up! After stretching it out (with a grip-handled screwdriver and some hair ties - don’t judge, it worked!) the holster worked amazingly, as expected! I ordered an original around five years ago and it still worked flawlessly so I was ecstatic to get a colorful one when I purchased my new Hellcat! My husband loves it too, and he’s a Sheriff Deputy, so I feel his opinion holds a little more weight than the average bear! A helpful tip - if you’re having issues getting the snap on and off, it has a lip on one side so hook that before pressing down and it makes it a “snap” to snap! (ba-dum-sss!) the same goes for taking it off; just the opposite!

A Flashbang Holsters Customer
Mikayla S.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster ReviewFlashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster Review
I recommend this product

Comfortable and easy to wear

Holster is good quality and fits my wife's gun perfectly, she says it is very comfortable and does not cause any irritation against her skin. It works well in both the below the bra and between the cup position.

Cliff M.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Holster Review
I recommend this product


I have an A cup but Have found that I can conceal well with the proper bra and top! The straps are easy to change with a screw. I just wish there was some way to have one strap that could fit all bra's. But honestly this product is too good to say any complaints about!

A Flashbang Holsters Customer
Coleen H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fits like a glove

Secure, easy access

United States United States
I recommend this product

New favorite holster

Shipping time was fast. Fits firearm perfectly. 100% concealment with any of my tops.

United States United States

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