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Wouldn't it be great if your holster was soft?  Like a teddy bear??

Guns are hard!  They're sharp and pokey, and when it comes right down to it nobody looks forward to strapping a chunk of metal to their body.  You fully recognize that carrying a firearm is necessary to protect your family, but why does it have to be so unpleasant??

Sacrifices are necessary....we've all heard the phrase "carrying a gun should be comforting, not comfortable."  We've been told that we have to change the way we dress to accommodate a firearm.  Well, we're about to change that philosophy!

 You CAN carry a gun and dress like a girl!

Maybe you've already discovered our amazing Flashbang Holster and know how easy it is to carry a gun with your current wardrobe.  Maybe you've already learned that you can work WITH your curves to conceal your firearm.  Or maybe you're completely new to the concept!

Let's take a moment to slip into something a little more comfortable, shall we?

 The Flashbang Teddy Edition takes the concealability and quick access of our original Flashbang Holster and covers it in an incredibly soft and luxurious nude suede that feels AMAZING against your skin! 

Holster Details

  •  Using it is simple!  You just pop your gun into the clamshell (basically an upside down taco shell) and tuck it up under the front of your bra band.  The bra band does all the work -just like normal- and holds the gun in position.  The holster does it’s part by covering the trigger to keep it from accidentally being pulled, and by keeping the moisture and oils from your body off the gun as well as keeping the pokey parts of the gun off your skin.  As you draw your firearm, the strap on the holster keeps it from coming along with your gun.
  • Soft natural suede on the holster exterior not only feels great against your skin, but it also helps with moisture control and breathability
  • Sturdy .080 Kydex offers great firearm retention without added bulk
  • Holster is washable to help keep you feeling fresh and smelling sweet - just use a little dish soap or shampoo and wash by hand in warm (not hot) water and allow to air dry overnight
  • Holster securely covers trigger guard so you KNOW it's safe
  • Each Flashbang comes with three different straps (short, medium, and long) to accommodate different bra band widths.   
  • Handmade in Oklahoma City, USA



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I recommend this product

Awesome Holster

Great product! Take the time to read the card included and adjust the straps accordingly to how you want the holster to lay/fit. I did not do this the very first time I wore it and was a bit frustrated… thankfully my husband noticed that I did not take the time to read the card and adjust it for how I wanted it to fit. It is extremely easy to adjust. I love mine!

Angella L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Small, bust.... works for me.

Took some practice, but it's a great option & I can wear all my fitted shirts! The videos Flashbang posted on YouTube have been very helpful.

Kerri B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Highly recommend

Love this holster. Will be buying another

United States United States
I recommend this product

My new favorite, carried while pregnant

I bought this holster months ago when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. It is so well made and the soft outer shell makes it great for everyday use. My chest grew quite a bit during my pregnancy (from a C to a DD) and for any larger busted ladies I gotta say this holster is comfortable to wear so don't be afraid! One major thing I love about this holster is how amazing the retention is. When your gun is in there it's really secure! A lot of other women's holsters like some of the waistband ones are flimsy and less secure which doesn't make me feel good, especially around the trigger. This is one of the safest holsters I own. No way are you gonna shoot your boob off! Thank you Flashbang!!

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters

WE LOVE THIS!!! Thank you so much for the amazing review! You answered a lot of questions that we get asked frequently. And congrats on your sweet new baby XOXO


I love these holsters

Seriously. The best the how to videos and give them a shot....well worth the money.

Tahnette W.

Perfect for Every Day Carry

I wear my Kimber micro 9mm almost daily thanks to this comfortable holster. The suede Teddy is so comfortable I almost forget time carrying. As a mom of young children I can feel confident I can protect them if the need arises. Thanks!

Mariah E.

As discrete as it gets.

I’m a school teacher trained to carry in case of active shooters. However, anonymity is key and therefore it’s IMPERATIVE that I can carry without printing. Flashbang is the only thing out there that fits the bill. I can carry a Glock 48 and still wear semi-fitted clothing without anyone having any idea that I’m armed. I’m still able to dance and play and teach while remaining inconspicuous. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that I WISH it was just a little less bulky. But thank you, Flashbang, for making concealed carry a bit more comfortable.

Kristen B.

A great idea if it works for you...

This was the first holster I ordered from Flashbang.. I was intrigued by the idea and LOVED the thought of having suede against my skin instead of hard plastic. Unfortunately, for me, the original Flashbang doesn't quite work. I'm still giving the full 5 stars because I am supremely confident that it is my weird boob shape and size and lack of a properly fitting bra that is the issue....NOT the holster. Because I have always had an extremely difficult time finding good comfortable bras for my body type (still do!) that's why I'm sure the reason isn't the holster itself. My one and only complaint I have (and I just may be a wuss, I don't know lol) is the grip and mag of the firearm digging into the top of my ribcage. Again though.. probably the bra. I still HIGHLY recommend the flashbang as an option to seriously consider and tell all my female students in my gun classes to check it out. Customer service is BEYOND amazing and Flashbang Holsters is the only place I go when wanting a new holster. (In case you were wondering, I EDC with the IWB Veronica..she's the perfect companion to my carry needs and my Ruger LCP2.) You don't have anything to loose trying any of the holsters offered by Flashbang except the chance at having the best holsters on the market.

Stephanie A.

Great holster

It is a comfortable holster, still deciding which bra to wear for the most comfort. This is my first holster so there is a bit of getting used to CC.

Patricia S.

Soooooo comfy, still functional

I can't express how comfy the teddy version is! Of course it has the same fabulous functionality that is a flashbang holster. This is the best way to carry, hands down!

Sara H.