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Flashbang Teddy

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Wouldn't it be great if your holster was soft?  Like a teddy bear?

Guns are hard!  They're sharp and pokey, and when it comes right down to it nobody looks forward to strapping a chunk of metal to their body.  You fully recognize that carrying a firearm is necessary to protect your family, but why does it have to be so unpleasant??

Sacrifices are necessary....we've all heard the phrase "carrying a gun should be comforting, not comfortable."  We've been told that we have to change the way we dress to accommodate a firearm.  Well, we're about to change that philosophy!

 You CAN carry a gun and dress like a girl!

Maybe you've already discovered our amazing Flashbang Holster and know how easy it is to carry a gun with your current wardrobe.  Maybe you've already learned that you can work WITH your curves to conceal your firearm.  Or maybe you're completely new to the concept!

Let's take a moment to slip into something a little more comfortable, shall we?

 The Flashbang Teddy Edition takes the concealability and quick access of our original Flashbang Holster and covers it in an incredibly soft and luxurious nude suede that feels AMAZING against your skin! 

Holster Details

  •  Using it is simple!  You just pop your gun into the clamshell (basically an upside down taco shell) and tuck it up under the front of your bra band.  The bra band does all the work -just like normal- and holds the gun in position.  The holster does it’s part by covering the trigger to keep it from accidentally being pulled, and by keeping the moisture and oils from your body off the gun as well as keeping the pokey parts of the gun off your skin.  As you draw your firearm, the strap on the holster keeps it from coming along with your gun.
  • Soft natural suede on the holster exterior not only feels great against your skin, but it also helps with moisture control and breathability
  • Sturdy .080 Kydex offers great firearm retention without added bulk
  • Holster is washable to help keep you feeling fresh and smelling sweet - just use a little dish soap or shampoo and wash by hand in warm (not hot) water and allow to air dry overnight
  • Holster securely covers trigger guard so you KNOW it's safe
  • Each Flashbang comes with three different straps (short, medium, and long) to accommodate different bra band widths.   
  • Handmade in Oklahoma City, USA
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Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy ReviewFlashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

Game Changer

I’m a mom, exercising my 2A rights, is very important, even more now that I have a tiny human who depends on me for everything, including keeping her safe, and in this world we live in, super important. I could NOT find a product that would work with my body type, my lifestyle. When my husband told me I’d have a box of holsters I’d never use, he was right…until the Flashbang!! Changed the game for me. So I use to purse carry, but when I became a parent, it was so important for me to carry in a way that tiny hands, had zero access and that meant on my person, not my purse, not my pants(have I mentioned I HATE BELTS-well do and like only own 1 pair with belt loops and HATE THEM) that i pull down to use the bathroom when she’s clinging to my leg. The Flashbang changed my life, not even kidding. I’ve had it a couple weeks now, and I’ve wore it RELIGIOUSLY EVERY SINGLE DAY ZERO ISSUES and let me tell you, it’s empowering to know, it’s there. I use to carry up under my “girls” with a fancy concealment belt, a kydex holster and TONS OF NURSING PADS STUCK EVERYWHERE FOR PADDING to prevent rubbing(true story-hey they work, but super annoying none the less) and now, i forget it’s there somedays it is so comfy NOT EVEN KIDDING FOLKS. I have slept on the couch with it(tired mom life) i have laid down with my kid in bed, hugged people, carried my kid around, worked in the barn, chased horses, sat in the car for hours on end, spent all day in town, you name it i have carried EVERYWHERE even in shirts that are a wee too tight, but you’d never know im packing it and that’s the beauty of it !! I purposely wore it outside for barn chores the first time I used it b/c I figured what better way to test it out than chasing a tiny human who’s chasing horses, the dogs, the cats, cleaning stalls, I even jumped on the trampoline folks… I purposely made it a point to never readjust it or touch it and that sucker NEVER MOVED AND I HAD MY GUN HOLSTERED IN IT!! I have boobs, and the fact I can conceal, using them and my bra and it works, mind blown(won’t lie the “girls kind of help lol). I have a belly too and was worried it wouldn’t work, but you’d never know I’m carting, it never prints and my belly, doesn’t affect it at all. I cannot preach PRACTICE enough for ANY WAY YOU CHOOSE TO CARRY-so that’s KEY!! It takes some getting use to, but i promise you, it’s SO MUCH LESS COMPLICATED AND A WHOLE LOT MORE ACCESSIBLE THAN OTHER CONCEAL CARRY OPTIONS LIKE A PURSE(no hate, i carried that way for years and i still ONLY carry my GTM purse b/c they are the BEST!!) I’m blessed enough to be apart of the Armed Women of America so I get even more training and more empowering skills and look forward to practicing more with my Flashbang. I have told so many women about it and all of them are just as excited as i am !! I will say, the Teddy-the leather on this kydex holster i feel is the KEY TO ALL DAY COMFORT-so if you’re going to buy one for EDC, get the Teddy, it’s worth it. I have had zero issues with my skin wearing and when I say I forget it’s there, I’m not kidding that’s how comfy it is. There are so many ways to carry and finding what works for you, your body, your gun, your lifestyle, it’s hard, i get it, I’ve lived it since i embarked on this journey in 2019(again i have a box full of holsters !!) but this one, is worth trying, worse case, you hate it and can return it, buuuuuut I don’t see you hating it !!! JUST ORDER THE TEDDY FOR COMFORT PURPOSES IM TELLING YOU ITS AMAZING !!!! ALSO I have a Glock43 and am about a 46G if that helps you!! I am hopeful they eventually make a Teddy for a Walther PPQ M2 SC. hat use to be my EDC and I’m so sad i had to put it away and move to the Glock43 BUT IM HOPEFUL !! Maybe some gal will read this and finally see some light at the end of this Concealed Carry tunnel. I know i found some videos on FB that showed women using them and it really helped me see what i was looking at. Also-the kydex wallets, buy one of those too, then buy one for a friend OR for a gift exchange !! SUPER FUN AND USEFUL!! I’m just a stay at home wife and a mommy, I’m no famous social media influencer, or professional, I’m just out here living a 2A life and get no perks or bonuses for leaving this review-I just get the satisfaction that maybe this review I’ve left will help another woman figure out a way to safely carry and empower her to become her own defender.

Colette M.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review

I really wanted this to work

I have two of these - one for my 380 Bodyguard and one for my 9mm Glock. Without fail, the gun handle spins forward. I'm a 36DD, slim athletic build. Customer service did send me a video to try some fitting options which helped a bit with the Bodyguard - but I did have to keep an eye on it to press down the handle. After wearing it for several hours, the fabric started to separate from the plastic and gave me a blister. I know this works for many women... I'll keep trying. I also have a few of the Veronicas which I've had no issues with.

Hollie W.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product


THIS HOLSTER IS EVERYTHING!! Ladies carrying in your bra is so easy no one would know you’re strapped and this holster makes it so comfortable!! Stop thinking and reading reviews now! Add � to � cart! �

Laila R.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

Wife loves it

My wife has had a lot of trouble finding a holster that worked for her. When I showed her this she was skeptical, but when she watched your videos she wanted to try it. So so glad she did!! She carries everyday!!

Brent P.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy ReviewFlashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product


I really never thought this holster would work for me due to my cup size. Was I wrong! Not only is the suede skin covering comfortable carry that was a perfect fit, but the first time draw was unbelievable. The quality of the kydex mold is perfect for my Ruger LCP II 22 LR. I must apologize to Flashbang, because my belief in the product had to be proven. This was my first bra holster, but not my last. Thank you for thinking and helping we women safely stay guarded and always armed.

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy ReviewFlashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy ReviewFlashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

Just what I expected

The material is soft, rubs your skin a little but nothing crazy. Definitely takes some practice and getting used too! But so worth it especially for me who wears leggings all the time. Takes a few for you find the right comfort position. I did buy a variety of strap sizes again I also wear sports bras a lot. Definitely will be looking to buy another. Look no further for a comfortable concealed carrier.

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

Love it so much!

Absolutely love my new bra holster!!! It's beautiful and works perfectly!!!! Exciting day! #pewpew #flashbangholsters #supportsmallbusiness #packin #girlswithguns Flashbang Bra Holster

Kristi I.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

Excellent customer service!

I had purchased my first flash bang and wore it every day for almost 2 months when the velvety layer started peeling off. When I mentioned it to customer service they helped me get another one with no hassle. I absolutely love this holster style. It's comfortable and allows for excellent quick draw for my Glock 43x. I will be suggesting FlashBang holsters for years to come! P.S. If you are worried about how it looks with your bra, then I recommend wearing a cami top (the spaghetti strap stretchy sport bra looking top that comes in a pack) over it so it looks like a smooth finish. I'm a 32A and this method works for me.

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

Comfortable, Easy Access, Great Quality

I bought a J-frame for my S&W .38. This is my third bra holster from Flashbang and my 2nd Teddy holster. For all-day wear, this is simply the most comfortable I've ever had! The holster is sturdy, soft against my skin, holds up well under heavy sweating, easy to clean with soap and water, and has strength in the clam that never weakens. Quick access to draw if needed and 3 different lengths of strap make this my favorite holster!! Nobody knows it's there!!

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

Great holster. Super Comfortable

This has been an amazing product. I highly recommend watching their video on how to find out if it’s the right fit for you- it was super helpful in giving me confidence in buying this holster. I love the soft feel of this one, I hardly notice it is there the more use to it I get. I find this the easiest way for me to conceal, and it gives me a lift. I was very grateful for the video after purchase showing me how to change out straps and how each fit works. It was super easy for me to change it out. It took me a minute to figure out how to click the button in but once I got the hang of it now it’s super easy. I have been doing some dry practice and pulling the firearm is quick and simple, putting away not so much. But if I ever have to pull it out for real, I’m not going to be worried about putting it away- is my thought. Highly recommend this!

United States United States

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