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Santa Fe Betty 2.0

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Holster Details
  • Smooth polished edges for comfort
  • Sturdy .080 Kydex offers great firearm retention without added bulk
  • Adjustable tension allows you to adjust the ease of draw
  • Holster securely covers trigger guard so you KNOW it's safe
  • Both the Ulticlip 3+ and the DCC Mod 4 Shorty will latch on to the fabric of your waistband and HOLD ON without a belt
  • Multiple options for attachment points allow you to set the angle of your holster and be confident that it will hold - an improvement over the single point clip attachment
  • Available with or without the Flashbang Concealment Wing
  • Handmade in Oklahoma City, USA


The Upgraded Betty 2.0 combines all the best qualities of our original Betty and our Betty 2.0 holster into a lovely little package!

Versatility is the name of the game with the Upgraded Betty 2.0.  Every possible combination of this holster begins with a super slim custom fitted shell.  It follows the contours of your firearm precisely and eliminates any unnecessary bulk.  From there, you choose the best attachment option for YOU!  We offer both the Ulticlip 3+ and the DCC Mod 4 Shorty.

Which Clip Should I Choose?

The Ulticlip 3+ and the DCC Mod 4 Shorty are both amazing options for beltless carry.  They grip firmly to the fabric of your waistband so you can be confident in the secure hold they offer.  While either clip creates a fabulous holster, there may be some nuances to them that match them more precisely to YOU.  For example, the DCC clip fits over a 1.5" wide belt perfectly while the Ulticlip is designed to fit behind the belt (offering a little more concealment). If tucking in your shirt is a priority, the DCC offers more room for the shirt tail, but the Ulticlip is also quite tuckable.  In terms of adding bulk, the DCC is a little more streamlined.  If your clip is the part that tends to print, the DCC is a better solution for you.

What about a wing?

Wings create a lever to help your waistband pull the grip of your gun in close to your body. It helps a TON with printing! The Flashbang Concealment Wing is specially made to work with smaller frame firearms, but is the most beneficial for reducing printing with larger guns.  Another benefit to the wing is that it adds an extra "touch point" where your clothing touches your holster.  This can add stability when you don't have great structure in your clothing (think stretchy fabrics).  So...when should you add the Concealment Wing?  When your grip is the part of your gun that you struggle to conceal, or when you tend to wear more stretchy clothing that needs a little extra stability.  It's absolutely a GAME CHANGER, yall.
*Please note that some of our gun fits aren't available with a wing.  These are notated with an asterisk in the fit drop-down menu.


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