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Overstock Ava Left Hand

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    *Overstock Holsters are Non-Returnable*

    Heads up, friends!  Overstock holsters are sold at a SERIOUSLY discounted rate and because of that, they are not eligible for our free returns program.  Do not order these unless you are POSITIVE about your gun fit.  Returns will only be accepted in the case of manufacturer error or defect.

     What IS an Overstock Holster?

    As you know, we make all of our holsters as custom ordered.  Sometimes there's an error in manufacturing (wrong print, etc) and we end up with a spare holster.  This is considered overstock.  When a Boutique Print reaches the end of it's lifespan, our demo holsters ( could even call them supermodels) are added to the overstock bins. We also offer a 365 day return policy on our regular holsters as long as they are still in new condition.  When we receive those sweet babies back, we sanitize them and add them to our overstock collection.  This means we have a STELLAR selection of amazing holsters in need of forever homes.

     How does this Overstock thing work?

    You get to pick what type of holster you want, and the gun fit as well as the draw hand.  We take it from there! We'll use our Flashbang-fabulous taste to create a lovely combination for you.  Just this price point "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit"  

    Please note...

    When holsters with a leather back are tested with a firearm, the leather is frequently marked or scratched.  It is absolutely possible that your Overstock Ava may have testing marks on the leather backing.

    Your order may include

    • Original Ava (in any solid color)
    • Boutique Print Ava (current or retired print)

    Your order will include Ulticlips.  All Overstock Ava's will come with Ulticlips as standard.

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