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Capone Holster

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Flashbang Red
Leaf Green
Lemon Yellow
Neon Pink
Police Blue
Royal Purple
Citrus Orange
Neon Yellow
Gunmetal Grey
Tiffany Blue
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Just like The Ava, The Capone is a combination of thermoplastic and leather.  The back piece is smaller and more flexible than most holsters on the market, giving The Capone the ability to be worn in the appendix position with extreme comfort.  The suede on the back helps promote airflow and comfort, while the adjustable tension allows you to set your own draw. Each clip attaches to its own set of 5 adjustable holes - this means you have up to 25 different cant/depth combinations! The heavy-duty clips and adjustable tension make wearing a belt optional depending on the weight of your firearm.

Why Ulti-Clip?

Using the Ulti-Clip with your holsters is a GAME CHANGER, y'all!  If you don't like wearing a belt (or don't typically wear one), you're fighting the constant battle of getting the tension on your holster loose enough to keep the holster itself clipped onto your waistband as you draw, and tight enough to retain your firearm when you're NOT drawing.  It's tricky!  With the Ulti-Clip, you can latch your holster in place and adjust the tension as you please!  It's not going anywhere!

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    Flashbang Holsters Capone Holster Review
    I recommend this product

    Capone holster for my S&W shield 45

    The best IWB I have purchased yet.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Capone holster

    Comfortable. I have been wearing my holster with my edc . I really like how comfortable it feels . No complaints here. I would buy again.

    United States United States

    Capone IWB Sheild

    Great company!!! I've been using a capone holster for 6 or 7 years now. I am on to my 3rd one and use use it everyday. When they do wear out after 3 to 4 years I've call them up and they have got me a new one. Great customer service!!!

    Jacob R.
    US US

    Capote iwb for full size 1911

    Very comfortable holster, looks good( though no one else sees it) I carry an all steel full size .45 1911 in condition one all day every day and it stays where I put it. The kydex feels thicker in my new capone and seems to be more "form fitted" to the pistol than my previous one, you have to give a definite pull to get it out so I imagine it would stay put if you had to "roll" with it ( though I wouldn't hang upside down on the monkey bars with it). If you dress appropriately it's completely hidden, you can even tuck a formal shirt over it, but if you go with lightweight pants and no loose overshirt it will "print" some( it is a full size 1911) may want a smaller piece for those situations. I am very satisfied. Thanks to Julie and all the good people at Flashbang!

    John K.
    US US

    Great holster

    Love the fit and function, little loctite and the utilclip screws stop loosing up

    David W.
    US US

    Perfect for big love-handles!

    I'm 6'3", 350lbs...I'm fat. There, I said it. I had given up IWB carry until I found this. It's so comfortable and easy to draw and holster. I wear it at 4-5 o'clock and it works beautifully. I can sit, stand, even lay down with comfort and confidence. Pro-tip for fat guys: Take your pants off, put the holster on, then put your pants. Also, I'm using a Shield 9mm and the rear sights are really sharp, so wear a long undershirt you can tuck in. The sights still snag my love handles a little but no big deal.

    Ben R.
    US US

    Great holster comfortable all day

    Great holster comfortable all day long

    Larry S.
    US US

    My go-to holster

    This order was of my second and third Capone. Sold my first one with a gun and quickly realized this holster was the key to carrying comfortablely.

    Cj F.
    US US

    Capone Holster Right Draw-XD9 Mod.2

    The new rig was very comfortable and any overt printing was minimized; loved that. Excellent construction and stitching; My one concern is that the Kydex part of the holster does not cover the Mag release button on the right side. The XD Mod.2 mag release is ambidextrous however the folks at Flashbang assured me the decision to leave the mag release uncovered was a process of much experimentation and research. There are pros and cons to both having it covered and uncovered. That being said I recommend their product.

    Garrison V.
    US US

    Best Wheel-Gun IWB out there

    Hands down, best made and most comfortable holster I've ever found for my S&W model 60. Revolver holsters are an afterthought for most companies, but not here! Purchased off the shelf from my local sporting goods store after trying 3 other brands of holster, and I've never looked back. Makes carrying my stainless steel .357 more comfortable and less noticeable than my p238 in a pocket.

    Alex T.
    US US
    Flashbang Holsters

    Wow!! Thank you so much, Alex!! We love that you think so highly of our Capone!

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