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Buttery soft leather combined with rigid thermoplastic make The Ava feel like holster perfection.  The soft suede backing helps promote airflow and comfort, while the adjustable tension allows you to set your own draw.  Each clip attaches to its own set of 5 adjustable holes - this means you have up to 25 different cant/depth combinations!  The original heavy-duty clips and adjustable tension make it easy to create the amount of retention you like best with your firearm, and now the optional Ulti-Clips make carrying sans-belt even more comfortable and safe!

Which hand do you draw your gun with?
Please choose the color of your holster
Please choose a suede backing color
Please choose the leather you'd like for your holster
Please choose the thread you'd like your holster stitched with
If you would like to upgrade your holster clips to Ulti-Clips, please check here!

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