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Flashbang Concealment Wing


Wings create a lever to help your waistband pull the grip of your gun in close to your body. It helps a TON with printing! The Flashbang Concealment Wing is made especially to fit on smaller frame firearms, so it does NOT line up to industry standard hole placement for a wing. If you purchased your holster from Flashbang and it has two holes below the trigger guard, or if you purchased from another manufacturer and your holes are between .25-.5" on center, our Concealment Wing will work beautifully!

***This listing is for the wing only.  Attachment hardware can be purchased separately according to your needs.***

If you are upgrading your existing holster to add a Concealment Wing, you'll need to add appropriate hardware to accommodate the additional thickness.  Please be sure to add 3/8" Post, 3/8" Rubber Spacer,and 5/8" Truss Head Screw to your order.

Please be aware that our free shipping offer does not apply to parts & hardware due to cost. We want to keep our prices as low as possible, so any order under $10 total will incur shipping charges. INSIDER TIP- combine your hardware order with other items to avoid shipping costs.

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