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Belt Clip (FOMI CLIP)

  • Works on most holsters and other carry items: The U.S.A made FOMI belt clip is designed to be mounted directly to a holster or sheath surface. This holster mounting clip design allows for a secure carry on belts, waistlines, or any attachment point where the nylon polymer spring clip tab can be positioned securely. The FOMI clip is a versatile and cost effective attachment solution that can be adapted to virtually any holster, sheath, or carry item.
  • Secure and comfortable: This U.S.A made FOMI holster clip fits belts up to 1.50 inches. The FOMI belt clip’s spring tab has an integrated security lower tab angle to prevent it from easily becoming detached from the mounting point. This is an important feature to keep your holster securely in position when drawing your carry item. While it is very secure the FOMI belt attachment clip also has some flexibility to ensure that it adjusts to the wearer’s body position and clothing.
  • Standard non-reflective matte black finish: The FOMI holster clip comes in a standard matte black tactical finish and is non-reflective. Because it is made from durable nylon polymer, the FOMI belt clip attachment is tough, yet flexible.

***Additional hardware can be purchased separately according to your needs.***

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