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Flashbang Teddy

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Wouldn't it be great if your holster was soft?  Like a teddy bear?

Guns are hard!  They're sharp and pokey, and when it comes right down to it nobody looks forward to strapping a chunk of metal to their body.  You fully recognize that carrying a firearm is necessary to protect your family, but why does it have to be so unpleasant??

Sacrifices are necessary....we've all heard the phrase "carrying a gun should be comforting, not comfortable."  We've been told that we have to change the way we dress to accommodate a firearm.  Well, we're about to change that philosophy!

 You CAN carry a gun and dress like a girl!

Maybe you've already discovered our amazing Flashbang Holster and know how easy it is to carry a gun with your current wardrobe.  Maybe you've already learned that you can work WITH your curves to conceal your firearm.  Or maybe you're completely new to the concept!

Let's take a moment to slip into something a little more comfortable, shall we?

 The Flashbang Teddy Edition takes the concealability and quick access of our original Flashbang Holster and covers it in an incredibly soft and luxurious nude suede that feels AMAZING against your skin! 

Holster Details

  •  Using it is simple!  You just pop your gun into the clamshell (basically an upside down taco shell) and tuck it up under the front of your bra band.  The bra band does all the work -just like normal- and holds the gun in position.  The holster does it’s part by covering the trigger to keep it from accidentally being pulled, and by keeping the moisture and oils from your body off the gun as well as keeping the pokey parts of the gun off your skin.  As you draw your firearm, the strap on the holster keeps it from coming along with your gun.
  • Soft natural suede on the holster exterior not only feels great against your skin, but it also helps with moisture control and breathability
  • Sturdy .080 Kydex offers great firearm retention without added bulk
  • Holster is washable to help keep you feeling fresh and smelling sweet - just use a little dish soap or shampoo and wash by hand in warm (not hot) water and allow to air dry overnight
  • Holster securely covers trigger guard so you KNOW it's safe
  • Each Flashbang comes with three different straps (short, medium, and long) to accommodate different bra band widths.   
  • Handmade in Oklahoma City, USA
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Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

Oh So Soft!

Even my husband said, wow, I wish my holster was this soft. Finally, a detail in the armory that he wished he had. Love my Teddy, very easy to attach to my bra, and soft against my skin. As soft as it is, it still stays in place when I practice my drills. For reference I’m a size C, small frame, but pregnant and bought this for my LCP2. This holster is a game changer, I wear full panel maternity pants and typically carry appendix inside the waste band which is not an option now as a momma bear. My trusty dusty ulti-clip/kydex holster comes right off when attached to the stretch fabric on maternity pants. The flashbang conceals effortlessly, and I DO NOT find myself adjusting my wardrobe to accommodate the holster throughout the day. Great product. Great buy.

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy ReviewFlashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy ReviewFlashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

A must have for EVERY woman!!!

I own a Springfield 911 .380 & wanted a holster for it that would allow me to conceal carry comfortably in the more fitted dress clothes I wear to the office. The Flashbang Teddy gives me just that & I absolutely LOVE it!!! I do have a larger bustline (36DDD), so I had some apprehension at 1st wondering how in the world it was possible to fit any size gun (plus a holster! ) in my bra. Let alone have it be comfortable enough to wear all day. I was pleasantly surprised... the clamshell is covered in a soft suede that makes chaffing nearly impossible. Tbh I've even forgotten I had it on & took a nap wearing it. It's customizable to many different size bra bands & once attached it tucks nicely & securely up under the bra band. I love that the clamshell has a built in trigger guard too. I highly recommend this holster for several reasons.... comfort, concealment, versatility, safety, & functionality. It's just simply perfect. Thanks Flashbang....this girl is in love!!! ❤❤❤❤

Janelle A.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Flashbang Teddy Review
I recommend this product

Love My Flashbang Teddy!

It is very comfy and I even forget that I have it on. Love my Flashbang Teddy!

Renee O.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Flash bang Teddy

I am extremely happy with the flash bang . I am a newly carry conceal gal and while I was looking for holster ideas online I saw a YouTube video with the Flashbang lady’s . It was the only holster that appealed to me. I’m happy with this product and the customer service. I also recommend the wallet . Very easy to conceal. I wear the wallet clipped to my bra under my armpit . I’m very grateful to own the flash bang . The video tutorials are also helpful to find the right fit for you . I plan on buying many more products in the near future .

United States United States

I LOVE IT! Thank you :)

I LOVE IT! I have a smaller build and not much going on up top but this still works. It did take some getting used to but I'm glad I kept at it and now I'm used to having it on all the time and it was worth the learning curve. It's exterior is soft and I can't believe how well made it is. It's not moving once you get it in place either and even when drawing it, the holster stays put, a fabulous design. Thank you & I'm going to be ordering again!

Jennifer F.
United States United States

Great product, amazing customer support

This is my second purchase from Flashbang. I recently got a new vpn sk and wanted a bra holster so I went to their site on the off chance that they had one. They did (yay!) and I went ahead and ordered the one I needed. It arrived at my house within the stated time-frame, but I didn't it out at the time. Six plus weeks later I finally get around to trying it out and I can't get it figured seems like it's a left hand draw and I'm a righty. I went to my original order and it clearly says "right" so now I think maybe someone just messed up. So I emailed them. Yes, it's six weeks later but I figure hey, if they made a mistake they might make it right. I sent the email late yesterday afternoon. Just before 9am my time today, I get a phone call from OKC and when I pick up it's one of the lovely ladies from Flashbang. She says they get this all the time and I probably have the gun in backwards. I didn't think so, but hey I'm willing to admit I might. She asks me to text her a pic of the gun in the holster. Which I do. And right after sending the text, I start looking at that holster with my gun in it and I realize that the trigger is showing...meaning, I've got the gun in the holster backwards. By the time realization hits, I'm getting a phone call back to let me know that it's definitely in wrong. I feel like a complete dork but she was so sweet about it, like yeah lots of women make the same mistake. Nicest gal, greatest customer service ever. On to the holster itself...once I got the gun in correctly (and fyi, it needs to be inserted butt first, not muzzle first to go in properly), I tried it on. My husband said he wanted to see it once I got it on, then said he figured it would really be printing obviously because the shirt I was wearing was a thin, clingy tank top. I put it on, stepped out and asked him what he thought. He didn't believe I actually had it on because there was no printing whatsoever, I had to prove that I was actually carrying. It's totally comfortable to wear as well. Long story slightly longer, I love the product and now I love the company even more.

Kelly T.
United States United States

Love my flashbang!

I originally ordered a black flashbang teddy. The material on the backside of the holster started to peal back after a few times wearing it. I sent an email and Julie got back to me right away via phone call with a code to send a brand new holster. Since I recieved my new holster I haven't had any issues. Great customer service ladies! I definitely reccomend this product to friends and family :)

United States United States

Really great design

This is such a fantastic holster! Comfortable as can be, supremely user-friendly, and REALLY well-made. I’m so impressed with this company, too. They sent regular production/shipping updates, their packaging is also really adorable and the founders’ note was incredibly thoughtful. Nice touch! I love doing business with Flashbang.

Heleni Z.
United States United States

Love my Teddy!

Love this holster! Just as I said about the Marilyn, it’s surprisingly comfortable! Wasn’t sure what to expect when I was first introduced to this, but I’m super pleased with it! Drawing from it does take some practice, but it’s perfect! I love knowing I have my firearm on my body & not in my purse! The Teddy is really soft too!

Maricela M.
United States United States

Flashbang Teddy

I love it, I feels and secure!

United States United States

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