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The Concealment Wing creates a lever that helps your waistband pull the grip of your gun in close to your body. It helps a TON with printing! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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Holster Details
  • Ulti-Clip is made to latch on to the fabric of your waistband and HOLD ON without a belt
  • Multiple options for attachment points allow you to set the angle of your holster and be confident that it will hold - an improvement over the single point clip attachment
  • Sturdy .080 Kydex offers great firearm retention without added bulk
  • Now available with the Concealment Wing!
  • Smooth hand-polished edges
  • Adjustable tension allows you to adjust the ease of draw
  • Holster securely covers trigger guard so you KNOW it's safe
  • Handmade in Oklahoma City, USA

Every day, you get dressed and *groan* when it's time to put on your carry rig.  You HATE having to wear a belt!  You fully recognize that carrying a firearm is necessary to protect your family, but gosh its a pain in the.....

But you can do this!  You strap on that heavy belt (which doesn't match your outfit at all, btw) and you go about your day dreaming of slipping into your favorite leggings when you get home.  Every time you sit down, you feel the pinch of that belt on your hipbones and don't even get me started on getting in the car!!

What if you could solve that problem once and for all?  Protect your family AND wear those leggings you love so much??

The Betty 2.0 makes it possible!  Built with the uber functional Ulti-Clip, you can latch your holster right on to the fabric of your waistband and be confident in the secure hold it offers.  Because we offer multiple attachment points, you can even adjust the angle of the holster, just like our original Betty!

Why Ulti-Clip?

Using the Ulti-Clip with your holsters is a GAME CHANGER, y'all!  If you don't like wearing a belt (or don't typically wear one), you're fighting the constant battle of getting the tension on your holster loose enough to keep the holster itself clipped onto your waistband as you draw, and tight enough to retain your firearm when you're NOT drawing.  It's tricky!  With the Ulti-Clip, you can latch your holster in place and adjust the tension as you please!  It's not going anywhere!

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Made in OKC

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Anonymous verified customer review of Betty 2.0Anonymous verified customer review of Betty 2.0Anonymous verified customer review of Betty 2.0
I recommend this product

Seriously Awesome Holster!

I did lots of research before purchasing and this holster is great! The Kydex protects the trigger preventing accidental fire unlike other fabric holsters on the market . The ULTI clip holds well onto leggings or jeans so the holster doesn’t come with the gun when drawing. Kydex and hardware are all well made and rust proof. It’s low profile so doesn’t add bulk. It doesn’t protect against pinching my belly fat when I bend but the solution for that is loose the belly fat, adjust the gun before bending (my choice), or add a layer of leather (extra bulk) between the gun and person and flashbang sells a different holster for that. The kydex choices are also really pretty. I enjoy seeing flowers on my gun everyday EVERYTHING YOU NEED. NOTHING YOU DONT.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Betty 2.0

Liked: thin, good gun retention, full trigger guard, ulti-clip stays firmly attached, easy to adjust height & cant for my carry style, comfortable. Unexpected: So comfortable I forgot I was wearing it. Also unexpected: Gun stays in holster on waistband during bathroom breaks. My particular issue: I wear my pants loose & the weight of my gun pulls my pants down. I need tighter waistbands.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Great product

Bar none, great all around

United States United States
I recommend this product

Betty 2.0

Absolutely love it..... first holster that I have bought over many years that is so comfortable that I forget it is even there. About time something like this holster is made with women in mind and the way we dress and want to carry..... regardless of our choice of attire ...... ty

Denise R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Betty 2.0

My daughter loves her holster. We have gotten 2 from here and highly recommend flashbang.

Sue G.
United States United States



Arica H.
United States United States

Cute and functional

This holster is really cute. The clip is able to attach to anything. I’ve worn it with several types of pants and it stays right in place.

United States United States

Love this holster!

I have this holster for my Sig P238 and my Glock 42. The Ulticlip is definitely a game-changer! I like that this holster works with sweatpants, yoga pants, and jeans. (I’m sure it will work with shorts but I’m in MN and it’s essentially winter right now.) You just have to consider the weight of your gun and how loose the waistband is of whatever you are wearing. My plan is to still use the holster when I use a belly band. I think the Kydex will make reholstering in a band much faster.

A Flashbang Holsters Customer
Kimberly O.
United States United States

Love this company

They were amazing and very accommodating. Thank you for being amazing

United States United States

Secure, Discreet and Pretty

I absolutely love this holster. I have one for each of my carry guns, a Glock 26 and a Sig P238. I wear them on leggings and dress pants and jeans. The clip makes all the difference--I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a heavy belt. I previously had holsters I liked, but when I bent over, I would push them off my waistband. The clip on the Betty 2.0 always stays attached, even when I draw my gun. Even so, I can open the clip without breaking a nail. I love that the holster is barely larger than my gun, and it comes in pretty colors. I can't imagine ever finding a better holster than this.

United States United States

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