Miss Be Havin' Belt

1.5" wide.  Reinforced.  Our holster belts are constructed with a layer of plastic sandwiched between a layer of leather and suede that are not much thicker than a standard pants belt. When you carry a gun on our belts, you'll notice right away that the grip of the gun stays in nice and close to your body. You'll also notice that you don't feel the weight of your gun dragging down or moving independently of you. This equates to a huge difference in comfort level throughout the day. Because our belts don't flex as you draw, it also means that your gun will come free of the holster more quickly resulting in a faster draw time. This buttery smooth black leather belt has a vibrant pink suede liner!  Topped off with and antiqued silver-look buckle, holster belts don't get any better than this!


Please keep in mind that we are a small family business.  All of our products are made right here in Oklahoma, the heart of the USA.  We make our belts and holsters to order! They typically ship in less than a week, but there could be up to a three week lead time before your order is shipped.  We appreciate your patience, and we promise that your finished item(s) will be worth the wait!


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