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Betty 2.0

239 reviews
Kydex Color
Alpine Snow
Flashbang Red
Leaf Green
Lemon Yellow
Neon Pink
Police Blue
Royal Purple
Citrus Orange
Neon Yellow
Gunmetal Grey
Tiffany Blue
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The Concealment Wing creates a lever that helps your waistband pull the grip of your gun in close to your body. It helps a TON with printing! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
*fits marked with asterisk are not compatible with Wing

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Holster Details
  • Ulti-Clip is made to latch on to the fabric of your waistband and HOLD ON without a belt
  • Multiple options for attachment points allow you to set the angle of your holster and be confident that it will hold - an improvement over the single point clip attachment
  • Now available with the Concealment Wing!
  • Sturdy .080 Kydex offers great firearm retention without added bulk
  • Adjustable tension allows you to adjust the ease of draw
  • Holster securely covers trigger guard so you KNOW it's safe
  • Handmade in Oklahoma City, USA


The wait is finally over! If our spiffy little Betty holster could get any better, she’s gone and done it!

Every day, you get dressed and *groan* when it's time to put on your carry rig. You HATE having to wear a belt! You fully recognize that carrying a firearm is necessary to protect your family, but gosh its a pain in the…

But you can do this! You strap on that heavy belt (which doesn't match your outfit at all, btw) and you go about your day dreaming of slipping into your favorite leggings when you get home. Every time you sit down, you feel the pinch of that belt on your hipbones and don't even get me started on getting in the car!!

What if you could solve that problem once and for all? Protect your family AND wear those leggings you love so much?

The Betty 2.0 makes it possible! Built with the uber functional Ulti-Clip, you can latch your holster right on to the fabric of your waistband and be confident in the secure hold it offers. Because we offer multiple attachment points, you can even adjust the angle of the holster, just like our original Betty!

Why Ulti-clip?

Using the Ulti-clip with your holsters is a GAME CHANGER, y'all! If you don't like wearing a belt (or don't typically wear one), you're fighting the constant battle of getting the tension on your holster loose enough to keep the holster itself clipped onto your waistband as you draw, and tight enough to retain your firearm when you're NOT drawing. It's tricky! With the Ulti-clip, you can latch your holster in place and adjust the tension as you please! It's not going anywhere!

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Made in OKC
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Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review

I love this holster. A coworker recommend this website to me. I bought a holster for my Glock 43. It is an amazing fit and I like it a lot. This is the first time I have purchased from this website and it is the first time I purchased a gun. I like the fact that it is made by women for women. They know how a holster is supposed to fit us without it being too binding. I love the color of it. I got the Tiffany blue one.

Grace P.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review
So comfortable!

The retention is fantastic, I can bend over without worrying about anything slipping. I love the concealment wing, it also helps hold everything in place well. AND I can use this AND wear leggings!!! The pattern is beautiful, overall an elegant product

Ashley S.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review
Awesome Holster!!!

This holster is not only comfortable, but it’s also beautiful! I highly recommend the concealment wing to keep the firearm close to your body. It’s really the most beautiful holster I’ve ever seen!

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review
Cutest Holsters on the Web!!!

Love my holster for my Hellcat. Its so cute!!! After I ordered, I asked if it could be made with the optic since that wasn't an option. They responded quickly and were able to make that change without any hassle. I definitely plan on getting another one of these days especially since I am a ding dong ordered the wrong side. But it will work for the small of my back. Its my first holster, I am sure there will be lots more in my future.

Sherrie B.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review

Love it!

Jackie D.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 ReviewFlashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review
My new favorite holster!

Just when I thought the Ava was my favorite holster, I received my Rose Gold Betty 2.0! Its comfortable to wear and it fits my Sig Sauer like a glove. I also ordered the wing at the last minute. It really does keep your firearm closer to your body. Lastly, my initial order was lost within USPS. The ladies of Flashbang graciously resent me the items I ordered! I love this holster so much I'm going to order the Betty 2.0 for my Glock 43 and SDX. Thanks again!

Tracy H.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review
Great holster

I love this holster. It's secure and comfy. I was able to wear this with leggings without a belt without any issues.

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 ReviewFlashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review
Great holster!

Great product! I purchased the Betty 2.0 for my Ruger EC9S and absolutely love it! Looks great and fits my firearm well! I love the ability to adjust the clip as needed to fit my needs. My only complaint that I have is when you first place the gun in and out of the holster, white plastic shavings come off from inside the holster and onto the gun. I’m hoping after some use this will go away. This will not deter me from purchasing another holster later, just something to be aware of. I also purchased the matching wallet. I was skeptical about the cards staying in and not falling out at first, but they have stayed in securely! Great for trips when you just don’t want to carry a purse or wristlet! I took it on a trail ride on my horse and nothing budged at all! Delivery took a while, but they were in constant communication throughout the whole process, letting me know that they hadn’t forgotten about me and kept me up to date on the status of my order. Overall very satisfied and will be ordering again soon! Thank you!

United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 ReviewFlashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 ReviewFlashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 ReviewFlashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review

This holster is amazing. It feels so comfortable almost an extension of what I’m wearing. The ulticlip is perfect for me as I hate to wear belts, I tried and I can’t. The holster stays put and I am able to draw my gun with ease though I can comfortable move without worrying that my gun will come out! I can’t say enough about the holster AND the company. I’m so glad I found them, will use them for all future needs.

Krista G.
United States United States
Flashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 ReviewFlashbang Holsters Betty 2.0 Review
Love it!!

I’m here I love my holster!! It was well worth the price and wait time. I am a first time cc gal. I wanted something to fit my personality and the bohemian floral pattern was just calling my name! The holster is well made and it fits like a glove on my Glock 43x. I am very happy with my purchase. I know I will be back to get another holster. I also love the fact that this company is a small business and USA. I highly recommend Flashbang to any woman who loves pretty things but also wants to protect her gun. Thanks so much Flashbang

United States United States

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